Size charts


We offer our chains in different sizes, mostly in 45cm and 50-55cm. Most of our female customers buy 45-50cm necklaces, while our male customers mostly stick to the 50-55cm necklaces. If you prefer a tighter fit, we recommend choosing the 45cm option. Additionally, some of our necklaces are adjustable, so you can find the perfect length to suit your style.



To ensure the best fit for our bracelets, you can use our size chart with a simple measuring guide below. All you need is a piece of string or similar item to wrap around your wrist, and then measure the length to find your size on the chart. Make sure to add 2cm for a comfortable fit.



Finding the right size for your ring is important for comfort and wearing ease. Our sizing process is simple, either use our ring sizer to measure the circumference of your finger, which you can buy here (click) or receive for free with your order, or measure your finger with a string or a strip of paper and compare it to our size chart for the perfect fit.